Shack 100 Flat Roof Meeting Booth Main Product ImageShack 100 Flat Roof Meeting Booth Main Product Image

Shack 100 Flat Roof

A meeting room within a room. Meeting booths give the ‘out of the office’ buzz to any meeting or…even somewhere to work quietly alone. With its pitched roof design, shack enhances that ‘out of the office’ psychology. Shack can be configured to accommodate 2,4,6,8 and so on.

Designer’s comment:
We all have that inbred ‘primitive roof over the head, beat the elements’ instinct. Renowned designer Paul Smith had a purpose made shed built as an office retreat! We think we should develop an all-weather version that could sit in public spaces for public use. Agree?

Any upholstery can be used. Typical Upholstery Options include: Camira, Kvadrat, Gabrielle, Chieftain, ROMO, Agua and hundreds more! See some examples below.

Laminate and Wood Veneer
See below examples of laminate and wood veneer options. Any option or colour can be produced on request.

Shack 100 Flat Roof Meeting Booth - 600mm Wide
Shack 100 Flat Roof Meeting Booth - 1200mm Wide
Shack 100 Flat Roof Meeting Booth - 1800mm Wide


Wesley Upholstery Colour Swatch

Wesley CUZ82

Trevelyan Upholstery Colour Swatch

Trevelyan CUZ31

Surrey Upholstery Colour Swatch

Surrey CUZ1E

St. Andrews Upholstery Colour Swatch

St Andrews CUZ86

Silverdale Upholstery Colour Swatch

Silverdale CUZ28

Silcoates Upholstery Colour Swatch

Silcoates CUZ30

Newcastle Upholstery Colour Swatch

Newcastle CUZ1W

Marymont Upholstery Colour Swatch

Marymont CUZ3C

Handcross Upholstery Colour Swatch

Handcross CUZ63

Camphill Upholstery Colour Swatch

Camphill CUZ1K


Arctic White Laminate Colour Swatch

Artic white

Creme De Lait Laminate Colour Swatch

Creme de lait

Gris Feutre Laminate Colour Swatch

Gris feutre

Terre Dombre Laminate Colour Swatch

Terre dombre

Gris Acier Laminate Colour Swatch

Gris acier

Noir Sideral Laminate Colour Swatch

Noir sideral

Jaune Gouache Laminate Colour Swatch

Jaune gouache

Rogue Cinabre Laminate Colour Swatch

Rougue cinabre

Vert Laminate Colour Swatch

Vert bali

Bleu Petrole Laminate Colour Swatch

Bleu petrole

Wood Veneer

Walnut Top Colour Swatch for Haag 750 Table


Oak Top Colour Swatch for Haag 750 Table


Ash Top Colour Swatch for Haag 750 Table


Cherry Wood Veneer Colour Swatch


Shack Base Option Drawing

Base option (adds 100mm to height)

Shack Optional Pendant Lamp Drawing

Pendant Lamp

Shack Optional Upholstered/Laminated End Panel Drawing

Upholstered/Laminated End Panel

Shack 100 Optional Power Module Accessory Drawing

Power Module




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